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Join the Winning Team

 If you’ve got an exciting start-up, small or medium sized business that you want to tell the world about, easyPR is the place for you.



Bespoke PR

LOOKING for the best publicity? Then leave it to us to devise a tailor-made PR campaign especially for your business. We will organise interviews and press briefings on your behalf as well as produce ready-made stories written by our team of national newspaper journalists.


Speech Writing

HORRIFIED at the prospect of standing up in front of people to make a speech? Frightened at the thought of even writing that speech? Fear not, our team of speech-writers will sit down with you to discuss what you want to say – whether it’s to your own staff or a business conference – and in a day or so your bespoke speech will be ready.

Ghost Writing

DON’T be afraid of ghosts or ghost-writers! If your story is worth telling in the form of a book, we can guide you through the process. Already, our team of ghost-writers has produced ‘Enter the Dragon’, the best-selling autobiography of retail magnate and serial entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. We can do the same for you …


Crisis PR

BAD things happen even to the best-run businesses. So, when you’re in a hole – often through no fault of your own – stop digging and let us deal with the problem in the most effective way. Don’t panic, just allow us to protect the most important asset that you have: your reputation. We will put a positive spin on a negative situation.


Press Office

IDEAL for small companies who don’t have their own PR department. We will fill that role, using our vast experience to deal with all types of media inquiries and requests while you get on with doing what you do best – running your business. 

Sell Your Story

WITH trusted personal contacts at newspapers, magazines and television companies with whom we have been doing business over many years, we can sell your story to the highest bidder, bringing you extra cash and boosting your business at one and the same time. 



MAXIMISE your website traffic to get potential customers winging your way. Search engine optimisation might sound complicated but we know exactly how it works for individual businesses. Used properly it will take you to the coveted Number One position in the website charts.

Social Media

FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. The world of social media is a minefield, but we can help you through it. We can place your social media news at the right time in the right places for maximum impact. We will create exciting, innovative content tailored to your needs.